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Track: Road to Nowhere
Artist: Talking Heads
Album: Little Creatures


Talking Heads | Road to Nowhere

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Stoker (2013)

Chan-wook Park

#stoker  #film

Track: Leave My Body
Artist: Florence and The Machine
Album: Ceremonials

And I don’t care whether I live or die
And I’m losing blood, I’m gonna leave my bones
And I don’t want your heart it leaves me cold

#shameless  #tv
#heathers  #film
#shameless  #tv

"So I guess this is where I tell you what I learned - my conclusion, right? Well, my conclusion is: Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it."

"I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution."

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get to know me meme [8/8] favourite movies: Napoleon Dynamite (2004)